Top 10 Best Genius / Intellectual Movies of All Time

Top 10 Best Genius / Intellectual Movies of All Time

The best movies of all time can be categorized in many ways. But this time, the movies explore the intellectual ability of the characters. Most of these movies have continued gaining popularity over the years. Others may have been unpopular in the past, but they eventually found their audience down the line.

1. Beautiful mind

This movie which lasts 123 minutes highlights the life of a good mathematician. This main character does not enjoy going out for social outings and interacting with others that much. He is naturally an asocial character and he is happy with it for a while. But his life takes a new twist when he accepts some secret work about writing or unlocking codes. This secret assignment in cryptography brings real trouble to his quiet and innocent life. Things are never the same again as trouble is unleashed in his life.

2. Amadeous

The movie is all about the story of Wolfgang Amadeous Mozart. The whole movie becomes interesting as the story is told by one of his peers. But that is not all. The very person telling the story is his secret rival named Antonio Salieri! And to make the whole movie even more dramatic, the story teller goes about narrating the whole story while incarcerated in an insane asylum! The movie lasts for 160 minutes.

3. Good Will Hunting

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4. Legend of 1900

In this movie which lasts for 165 minutes, a handsome young boy is discovered in an ocean liner. At this moment, no one knows who his parents could be. As time passes, he grows into a talented and passionate musician. But the whole mystery of the drama unfolds as he plays his music excellently, but his feet never touching the land! It attempts to explore some marvels in mystery.

5. Proof

This is a movie that lasts for 100 minutes in which the daughter of a mathematician is the main character. After the death of her father, she comes to the reality of dealing with a possible huge inheritance left behind by her father. The whole story takes a new tumultuous turn as two interest groups show up on the scene. First to show up on the scene, from nowhere, are her father’s students. Innocently, they are simply searching through his papers. But they have no idea what they might stumble upon. To make the whole drama even more complex, her father’s estranged daughter also comes on the scene! This daughter, orher sister, is also here to secure her inheritance!

6. August rush

In this movie which lasts for 110 minutes, a young boy is separated from his parents while still too young. He grows up and becomes a well-known and excellent musician. He then sets himself on a mission to find his parents. The only tool he has is his music. He, therefore, uses this gift as a clue to locating his parents. Will he manage to find them?

7. Bobby Fischer Against the world

The whole of this movie, which lasts for 93 minutes, is about the life of a chess master known as Bobby Fischer. He has an interesting but drama filled life ahead. As it turns out, his life is filled with actually more than enough drama. First, while he is a boy he goes through a trouble-filled childhood. As if that is not enough, he grows up into a famous rock star. Later his life takes another turn as he becomes a cold war icon! Finally, thewhole story takesa completely new direction as he spends his life as a fugitive. This 114 minutes movie explores one of the mysterious characters of the 20th century.

8. Finding Forester

In this movie which lasts for 105 minutes, a young and gifted writer discovers just the right secret weapon he needs. It is a self-isolated author named Forester. Despite being a celebrated author of all time, with his portrait displayed in some public places, he has led his life behind closed doors. When the young writer discovers him, the mentorship that this boy receives is professional and timeless! The movie goes on to explore the passion of writing embedded in the two characters. Will author Forester ever show himself to the public, or will he continue hiding behind the closed door?

9. Limitless

As the title suggests, this 103 minutes long movie explores the fact that we only use up to 20 percent of our brains. What if we could use the entire 100 percent? The main character takes a mysterious pill which enables him to use 100 percent of his brain. But there is a problem. As he uses his entire brain, he becomes a champion in the field of finance. With so many interested parties coming on the scene, he just manages to open a new world to himself. This is a world of danger and mayhem. Will he ever come out it?


This was an award winning stage play which lasts for 90 minutes. In this movie, two good physicists Neil Bohr and Wener Heisenberg meet in 1941. The purpose of their meeting is confused and the two parties part without clearing this matter. This confusion is even used in quantum physics. The whole plot of the movie is then set. It revolves around the confusion of the main objective of the meeting. Each of the two men has his own suspicions which, for some unknown reason, are not brought in the open. Interestingly, the excellent movies of all time can sometimes also be categorized according to a particular field of interest. As the above list has shown, however, this is not cast in concrete. These can be brought together as the focus switches to the amount of popularity in a particular movie.