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Movie Box is the best free movies app for iOS devices. It is officially available for all variants of iPhone and iPad, including the latest iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus. It has been awarded as the #1 application to watch movies on your iPad or iPhone. With a reach of over 8 million daily users, MovieBox has grown to be the best in the industry with ultra fast streaming and a library of over 70 thousand movies and 16 thousand TV shows, starting from the classics to the recent ones. Download Movie Box app for your iPad or iPhone from our website for free. The latest version of MovieBox for 2018 has now been released to public, and is now available as an exclusive download on our official website. New features include ultra fast streaming, 4K support for selected shows and movies, iOS 11 compatibility, Siri search within the app, instant streaming to Apple TV, epsiode notifications and more.

MovieBox App Download for iPhone & iPad

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MovieBox App Download for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

App Name MovieBox for iOS
Current Version3.7.2
Next Release on2nd of November, 2017
New Supported Software VersionsiOS 10 / 10.2.1 / 10.3 / iOS 11
iOS 11 CompatibilityYes
Supported iPhone DevicesiPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 5, 5S, 5C, 4, 4S
Supported iPad DevicesAll iPad and iPad Mini models running on iOS v6.0 and above. iOS 11 is also
Jailbreak RequiredNo, until iOS 10.
LicenseFree (Open Source Code)
App CategoryPhoto & Video, Entertainment, Video Streaming
Available Forms of ContentMovies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Music Videos
Video Format / QualityUpto 1080P, 4K coming in 2018
API PartnerShowBox
New FeaturesNew servers added in the United States and United Kingdom, new sources
for 24x7 flawless streaming, automatic subtitles, multi language selection, new
episode notifications, downloadable content etc. Team

Movie Box, The first iOS app that has Movies, TV Shows and Music videos all in one place is now available for iOS platform and devices, completely free without any hidden fees or charges, without limitations all inside one app.

Now you have your own private cinema with all the latest movie titles, TV Shows and music videos as well as most popular, oldest and legendary releases. You don't have to worry anymore how and where to watch your favourite actors, TV Shows or listen to hit songs, you don't have to visit suspicious sites, register or leave any personal information, it is as simple as that. Just download the Movie Box app and enter the world of revolutionary unlimited, secure and free amusement which you can either watch or listen on your iPhone & iPad, as well as download them.

Don't wait anymore, you are only a tap away from entertainment at the top of your hand!

MovieBox for iOS 2018 includes a lot of new addition of features. Some of the new features include 5 new international servers for flawless streaming, a brand new easy to use UI, option to set video quality settings, ability to select the fastest server according to your location, and ofcouse - to top it all off: addition of over 500 new TV shows to the library including some of the new ones such as Dark, Mindhunter, Godless, Ozark, The Defenders, The Newsroom, 13 Reasons Why, Iron Fist, Big Little Lies, Riverdale, 24: Legacy, Shots Fired, Bates Motel and hundred others.

Movie Box App Features :

-: Home page :-

Endless movie posters arranged according to latest releases and additions, tap on any of them will open the selected movie, tv show or music video.


Several options to navigate easily through the app, simplify the selection and preferences

tap on the Movies option arranges the Home page so you get listed only the movie titles for easier search

Selected Movie

you have the option to Download or Watch now and choose the HD quality between Low, Medium and High. In addition to that you can also choose the subtitle you wish to turn on.

The upper menu of the selected movie offers the following:
  • short info about the movie, rating and a trailer
  • the ability to add or remove the selected movie to Favorites
  • option to share via Facebook, Twitter, Email or Report a problem
Music videos

incase you want to watch and listen to your favorite artists, relax with music orfollow up with hit songs then one tap on this option will open an endless list of musicartists displaying their names and images for easier and faster searching

Selected Music video

after you chosen your musician or group you get a list of music videos fromthe selected artist displayed with images from the videos for easierrecognition or narrow your search with filters like Clips, Concerts and Others.Tap on the prefered video you can play it in Low, Medium and High HDquality as the option to Download or Watch now.

The upper menu of the selected Music video offers the following:
  • the ability to add or remove the selected Music video to Favorites
  • option to share via Facebook, Twitter or Email

the ability to personalize your Movie Box app and to sort your Movies, TV Showsand Music videos according to your favorite selection so you don't have to search,just a tap and you are free to watch or listen to your favorites.

My downloads

in situations where you opted for downloading instead of watching now, your entire collection of downloads will be placed under this feature. You can easily edit it by deleting the content you no longer wish to have in your collection.

Order movie

this user oriented feature enables you to ask for a movie you wish to have inside theMovie Box app, in case you can't find it or it still hasn't arrived in the database butyou have a strong wish to see it then you just fill in the form under this feature.It contains the link which is optional and a message where you canexplain in more details about the movie or TV Show. The more information youprovide the better and easier it will help Movie Box team make this application evenricher.

You can also follow Movie Box on Twitter for continuous updated and news.


this feature gives you notifications of continuous updates of Movies and TV Shows together with the dates of their additions. That way you can easily keep track of latest movies releases or new series of your favorite TV Shows. New updates are added on daily basis.

TV Shows

ifyou decide to search only for TV Shows then tap on this option will offer you onlyTV Shows and series to choose between

Selected TV Show

whenyou made your selection and opted for a particular TV Show you get theopportunity to choose the Season and the Episode you prefer to watch. Everyseason has listed episodes with numbers and an image showing its essence.Tap on the selected Episode lets you play it in Low, Medium and High HDquality as well as the options to Download or Watch now.

The upper menu of the selected TV Show offers the following:
  • short summary about the TV Show
  • the ability to add or remove the selected TV Show to Favorites
  • option to share via Facebook, Twitter, Email or Report a problem

a feature that displays all the downloads waiting and being processed as well as theability to turn on the Turbo mode for faster download enabling


frequently asked questions can be found under this feature to help users getanswers to most common questions or concerns. It shows the effort and continuouscare for Movie Box customers in order of providing users maximum satisfaction.


tap on the Search lets you type in the prefered title of a movie or TV Show so youfind what you are looking for and don't need to go through different titles. It takes youdirectly to your preference.

Sort by
  • Rating this feature sorts out the movies or TV Shows according to highest rating to lowest, that way you can start your search from top rated titles and watch high quality entertainment.
  • Title a feature that organises movie and TV Shows titles according to their name, suitable for any user that find it easier to search through alphabetical order.
  • Added thisfeature arranges the entire database from latest releases andadditions of movies and TV Shows to the older ones, this allows you to keeptrack of all the newest titles that come to Movie Box app.
  • IMDB afeature that sorts out movies and TV Shows according to the ratingthey have on the popular site that a lot of users know of and oftenuse as a reference when choosing a movie or series to watch.
  • Year thisfeature opens a list of years ranging from the early 1920s topresent 2015 so the user can choose his or hers preferences according to theyear of release, the style or the period he/she is in the mood for at themoment.
  • Genre avery distinctive feature for faster, easier selection and choosingmovies and TV Show titles between prefered categories. A user can choosebetween 24 different categories so anyone can find something tailored for himor her.


It is very simple and easy, just follow this steps and provide yourself with revolutionary FREE entertainment of Movies, TV Shows and Music Videos, all in one app - Movie Box!

MovieBox ++ and Movie Box for iOS 11/11.1 and Below: Method 1 (No Jailbreak Required)

STEP 1. Open our website on your iPhone or iPad using the default Safari browser, and head over to the download section.

STEP 2. Click on the Movie Box ++ for iPhone icon below to start the downloading process.

STEP 3. Now, on your iPhone, go to "Settings >> General >> Profiles & Device Management", select the appropriate profile and tap on "Trust" twice.

STEP 4. All done. Just tap on the Home button and open MovieBox from the homescreen. If you see ads, just tap on "Skip" to close them and you can continue to your unlimiated galore of movies and TV shows. Enjoy

Movie Box for iOS 11/11.1/10/9 using vShare: Method 2

STEP 1. Click on the link below to download vShare

STEP 2. Choose the option that suits you and click on it, it depends if you have a jailbroken or unjailbroken iOS device.

STEP 3. Click "Install" on the popup that appears asking you if you wish to install vShare

STEP 4. Click "Trust" on popup that appears when you first launch vShare asking you if you trust the developer to run this app on your iOS device.

STEP 5. Click on the search icon inside vShare and type in "Movie Box" to search for it.

STEP 6. Install the Movie Box app and see the process of downloading.

STEP 7. Click on "Install" once the popup appears asking you if you wish to install Movie Box.

If you followed these steps, you are certainly already enjoying the Movie Box App and all of its features including different media types: Movies, TV Shows and Music videos.

In case you receive an "Unable to download app" popup, then try a few times, it could be due to connection or network issues.

The Movie Box app is a revolutionary discovery, a must have among applications, No. 1 entertainment for all age range. With its modern flat design and a very logical and intuitive interface it presents an easy and fluid navigation through the entire app making the overall impression an excellent user experience. In addition to all of its features offering different medias, downloading, viewing or listening with numerous options, sorting and filtering, Movie Box is a completely FREE app with no fees included or limitation, as well as a secure, verified and trusted source of amusement.